SCI期刊Microbiological Research特刊征稿

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SCI期刊Microbiological Research特刊征稿


SCI期刊Microbiological Research特刊征稿,该期刊2011年度影响因子(IF)为2.308,刊发以下领域论文,目前正在为2期特刊征稿(药物提取和促进植物生长的微生物),详见下文。

Call for review and research papers for our two upcoming special issues

Dear colleague,

The journal Microbiological Research is planning the publication of two special issues.

    1. Medicinal extracts: their use as antimicrobials agents in human health and food protection. Analysis/classes of novel compounds, their biosynthesis and genetic regulation.

    2. Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms: their phylogeny and potential use in agriculture. Aspects on yield increase, decreased use of fertilizers, increased resistance against plant pathogens.

These theme issues serve the purpose to provide a platform for publications that cover areas of research, underrepresented in regular issues. This occurs often due to the lack of mechanistic and molecular detail. Nevertheless, we, at the journal MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH, see the value in this research and intend to provide a forum for their dissemination.

These theme issues usually contain a collection of reviews (or combination of reviews and research papers) covering a specific area of interest. These issues have always been very well-received by our readership and the papers are consequently highly cited. Manuscripts submitted to one of these themes are subject to peer-review. The lengths of articles should correspond to regular articles published in the journal MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH, i.e. contain a maximum of 40 manuscript pages including figures, tables and references. Special attention should be devoted to original graphical display items, the use of boxes to provide a glossary or explain methods. Free printed color figures will be provided for the manuscripts.

Manuscripts must be submitted on-line via our submission system EES - stating the participation in the special issue. The peer review of manuscripts will be handled by the Editor in Chief and the Editorial Board.

Upon publication of a manuscript in a special issue, the corresponding author of each paper automatically receives at no cost a complimentary PDF file of his/her article via e-mail. For an extra charge, paper off prints can be ordered. Also, a complimentary copy of the issue itself will be sent to the corresponding author of each article once it has appeared.

Deadline for submission of review and regular articles is June 30th




With kind regards,


Jürgen Wendland




  • Reviews/Minireviews on all aspects
  • Microbiology and Genetics
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Metabolism and Physiology
  • Signal transduction and Development
  • Biotechnology
  • Phytopathology
  • Environmental Microbiology and Ecology


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SCI期刊Microbiological Research特刊征稿
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