GDCh Electrochemistry 2014 (Mainz, Germany)

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GDCh Electrochemistry 2014 (Mainz, Germany)

Aims and Motivation – Invitation

Electrochemistry is a successful series of conferences, held every other year. Starting in Gießen (2008), followed by Bochum (2010) and Munich (2012) an increasing number of participants joined for discussing cutting-edge trends and applications. The conference is jointly organized by GDCh Fachgruppe Angewandte Elektrochemie, GDCh Arbeitskreis Elektroanalytische Chemie, DBG,

Electrochemistry will be continued in Mainz 2014. Outstanding electrochemists from Germany and from abroad will highlight research results and current trends. Three parallel sessions will cover nearly all topics of electrochemistry from fundamental science to technical applications.

Electrochemistry – basic science and key technology for future applications. In this spirit, the organizing committee and the organizing societies invite electrochemists, scientists from other disciplines, who are interested in electrochemistry, and students to meet in Mainz. Colleagues from industry and academia, from Germany and from abroad are cordially invited to participate in the conference and to enrich its program by their scientific contributions.

Scientific Program

The individual thematic symposia will be held in three parallel sessions, each opened by invited keynote lectures. The extent of these symposia will be adapted according to the number of contributions. 

The 5th German-Japanese Symposium on Electrochemistry will be embedded in the scientific program and will greatly enhance the internationality of this event.

We are proud to announce that the following scientists already agreed to present a plenary lecture:

Peter Broekmann (Bern/CH)
Philippe Marcus (Paris/FR)
Martin Winter (Münster/DE)
Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto/JP)

Scientific topics are:

• Batteries and electrochemical energy storage devices
• Bioelectrochemistry
• Corrosion science and electrochemical machining
• Electrochemical engineering
• Electrochemical water treatment
• Electroanalysis and sensors
• Electrolytes
• Electroplating
• Electrosynthesis and electrocatalysis
• Fundamental and theoretical electrochemistry
• Solid state electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry

Abstract Submission

Please contribute to the scientific success of this conference by sharing your expertise and results with others. Oral and poster presentations from all areas of electrochemistry are more than welcome. The scientific committee will decide on the submitted papers and will arrange them to achieve thematically related

The conference language is English.

The poster session is a great opportunity to discuss your results with individual researchers in a more personal way. It will be held on the evening of September 22nd.

Your contribution will be part of the success of the meeting and will determine its main topics.

Deadline for submission of abstracts:  extended to May 9 2014


Deadline for submission of abstracts, extended

May 9, 2014

Notification of acceptance of posters and oral contributions

May 30, 2014

Deadline for scholarships

June 28, 2014

Deadline for early registration (required for inclusion of oral contributionsinto the conference program

June 30, 2014


September 22-24, 2014




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